Event Cost Cutting TipsStaying within your budget is one of the main reasons why event planning is so important. Here are some tips to help you cut costs on your next event.

Be flexible, be creative

Prioritizing your spending to know what and where you can allow yourself to be more flexible and creative about. Also, the more fixed you are on ideas and elements with regards to your event, the tougher it will be to get them according to your budget. Sometimes what is offered to you for free or at a lower cost may not be the exactly the things you ideally wanted but ask yourself if they can still do the job. It may be less stylish but still serves the function.

Think about recycling items instead of getting new ones for every event. You can chose to have those items designed and built in such a way that they can be reused, by only changing certain parts or nothing at all. Those items are usually more for functional purposes and are used over and over again at multiple events. Source: Gevme

In kind sponsorship

Event sponsorship doesn’t always have to be via a cash injection, perhaps a supplier could get involved and provide their product or service at a free or reduced cost in return for benefits and exposure you can offer in return?

Could you work collaboratively or do a ‘contra-deal’ where you both supply expertise or products for each other’s mutual benefit? Source: EventManagerBlog

Go paperless

Mobile apps ‒ particularly those that can be reused for future events ‒ are one way to share event schedules and information while saving on printing costs.  Registrations and follow up surveys should be online to save on mailing costs. And for the bigger items, consider replacing banners and posters with digital signage – which will also help save on last minute changes should speakers need to be swapped or rooms adjusted. Source: Blog.Cvent