Before you book a wedding venue, it’s important to ask all the right questions to ensure that no problems will arise on the day of the event due to miscommunication. Take note of the following questions:

How many hours are included in the rental?

The average hours needed are two hours for load-in, and one hour for load-out. Make sure that the remaining hours are enough for your event, and if not, find out how much it will cost to add hours (if the venue offers that option). The average venue rental is eight hours (three hours for load-in/load-out and five for the event).

Side note: Assume that people will arrive for the ceremony thirty minutes prior to the invite time (the time listed on your invitation). Therefore, load-in needs to be complete two hours before guest arrival, not the invite time. Source: APracticalWedding

What kinds of restrictions do you have?

There are a few kinds of restrictions you’ll want to be aware of. Ask if there are any alcohol restrictions or permits—some venues may not have a liquor license and just allow wine and beer, and some may also request that you don’t bring your own beverages to stock the bar. Same goes for vendors—your venue may only allow you to book pros from a certain list, while others will let you bring in whichever pros you want. Ask if there are any décor restrictions, like confetti or open flames. Also check to see if there’s a noise restriction after a certain time—many venues won’t allow you to play loud music past 10:30 p.m. or so, which won’t work if you want the option to dance until midnight.  Source: TheKnot

How many events do you host a day?

If your wedding is in the a.m., you might feel like you’re being rushed out if the venue needs the space for an afternoon party. Or if your party is later in the day, you could show up to a banged up venue and a tired staff. Source: Glamour

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