Due to the time, money and effort that goes into preparing for a wedding, any couple would be delighted to find out that their loved ones considered their wedding to be one of the best they had been to. To impress your guests at your upcoming wedding, check out these tips below on how to throw the best wedding ever: 

Tips on How to Throw the Best Wedding EverTips on How to Throw the Best Wedding EverTips on How to Throw the Best Wedding Ever

There’s an App for That

Google + Gifs: Install the Google+ app on your smartphone, turn on auto backup, and ask a few snap-happy wedding- party members to document things like you getting your hair done, guests arriving or key moments on the dance fl oor. The uploaded shots get stitched into a fun animated clip that’s perfect for sharing.

Instagram: Come up with a hashtag for your wedding (be sure to do a search first to make sure yours is unique) and share the tag with your guests. Decide where you want the photos to go (such as a Flickr or Dropbox account or a Facebook page), link everything through an account with ifttt.com (you’ll need to create a “recipe”) and shots with your tag will automatically upload.

Wedpics: Set up an album and invite guests to sync up and snap away. Every photo taken during your ceremony and reception gets uploaded. (You can control what gets shared on social media.) Later on you can organize and edit the shots. Source: BridalGuide 

Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable

No matter what time of year you’re tying the knot, it’s important to think about what your guests might need to stay comfortable throughout evening. That may mean offering wraps, parasols, or flip-flops. Source: Brides

And Keep Them In The Know

According to D’Ascanio, the best weddings are the ones that are organized and follow a timeline. “When the events of the day unfold in a timely manner, and the bridal party and guests alike are not left standing around wondering what’s next or where they should go or what they should be doing, the entire day seems flawless.” Source: HuffingtonPost

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