Getting stressed out from event planning can now be avoided with the use of technology. Nowadays, there’s already an app to simplify almost every complicated task you can think of. Here are some examples you can use as you plan your upcoming event:


“Evernote” is one of the most competent apps to organize your task or to-do list with consummate ease. With this app, you can take notes in several formats such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings, etc.

Using a camera, you can scan business cards, handwritten notes, drawings and be able to organize them with needed effect. Share your task with your friends, discuss it and collaborate with them. Plan your event, set reminders about it to get a real-time notification about its progress. Source: Igeeksblog


As you’re already going through the trouble of planning an event, why not plan out your social media coverage too? Hootsuite lets you schedule social media posts in advance and manage all your social media networks in one place. While there’s always space for the spontaneous on social media, you should plan out a few key messages ahead of time to go out during the event. Source: Blog.Printsome


Monefy aims to remove all the clutter from tracking expenses. It allows you to view graphs, export data, and sync to Dropbox. The app makes it easy to manage all of your event expenses in one place. Event planning is an on-the-go job, having an app like this is a godsend. Source: Blog.Ticketbud


Project management is streamlined through this app, which allows you to assign tasks to specific team members to make sure they’re completed. Set due dates and times, and track progress through the app’s dashboard. You can also prioritize you own assignments with a daily to-do list. Source: MeetingsImagined

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