The wedding color you end up choosing will greatly influence your wedding—the flowers, decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses, invitations, and so on. If you’re having a hard time deciding and have too many colors in mind, you might want to check out these tips to help you narrow it down.

Choosing Your Wedding Color

Image Source: Flickr

Go With What You Love

Try not to feel as though you have to overthink every decision you make when it comes to colors. Instead, pick one or two that you enjoy the most and incorporate them in your wedding whenever you feel it works best. Source: Brides

Consider the Venue

Since you’ve spent a lot of time and energy picking where you want to tie the knot, devote just as much time to envisioning your wedding in that space. For example, if the location is super saturated with color (deep aubergine walls, emerald rugs), then you might want to rethink the hot pink wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Keep in mind that you’ve picked your location because it means something to you so don’t fight with it—try and find a way to complement it. Source: RealSimple

Let Nature Be Your Guide

If you’re looking for some help narrowing your focus, consider what flowers will be in season when you walk down the aisle. While you can get pretty much any blooms year-round, it’s much more affordable (and eco-friendly) to go with seasonal stems. While a summer wedding will have the pick of the litter (think: a roomful of blush peonies), fall nuptials might be best served by an abundance of wine-stained dahlias. Source: Vogue

Do Your Research

Magazines, art galleries and friends’ weddings are all great sources for inspiration. While you wouldn’t want to choose a color combo just because it’s on trend, looking towards art and design may help you see colors you already love in a new way. Source: TheKnot

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