If possible, most couples would splurge on all aspects of their wedding. Unfortunately, the budget is limited for most people. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great wedding. Here are areas of your wedding where you can allocate the better part of your budget.


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Investing in a good band or DJ is important. They are the ones who will help get the party started and keep it flowing throughout the night. You’ll want the music to be on point and the dance floor to be packed right up until the end of the night. Source: Brides


Unless you’re a professional chef, this is one area you don’t want to tackle on your own, and it’s definitely not an area to scrimp on. Aside from the actual ceremony itself, your guests will judge the success of the event on how good the food is. The best way to keep a guest happy—especially during a long ceremony and reception—is definitely through his or her stomach. Source: WeddingBells


I’d actually say a good photographer is my number one wedding expense that’s worth the cost. Photos are one of the few tangible things couples get to keep after the big day, and it breaks my heart when people go cheap on the snapshots because they’re almost always disappointed later. Couples, you don’t get a chance to redo your wedding, so choose a good photographer who’ll be able to capture images you’ll love and pass down to your children and their children. It’s worth the money you’ll spend and you can’t put a price on memories. Source: Lover.ly


If you can fit it in your budget, add event lighting. Having the right lighting makes your room feel warm and intimate. It also enables you to dim the lights and focus your guests’ attention by highlighting the areas you’ve enhanced. The right lighting sets the mood so that your guests dance more, relax more, and they look better in photos. Source: InsideWeddings

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