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Content marketing and “owned” marketing assets

Ah, we remember the days when putting an ad in the conference catalog, sending an email to the attendee list and dropping a promo item into the swag bag constituted a (somewhat) reasonable event marketing effort.

My how things have changed. Today, content is king and it’s vital to continue to create content not only to promote registrations and RSVPs but to offer useful information and data to attendees to prime the pump for all the additional content they will absorb at the event. Blogging and social sharing are now preferred marketing mediums for event professionals who need to connect with all generations, but especially Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials.

Not only that, but owned marketing assets like building your own email list will grow more and more important as people become more protective of their online identity and inboxes. It’s all part of building one-on-one relationships with your audience members and creating an exchange of information. Source: Blog.PlanningPod

Personalized marketing

Data will be used to customize offerings and sessions, analyze ideal locations, and sell more tickets. It’s already helping savvy event planners cut costs in advertising by finding their target audience through actions and activities people are posting about. Personalization continues to play a large role in targeted landing pages. These will also increase in number and event planners will coordinate with marketers to construct individualized landing pages based on action history. Source: EventManagerBlog

Digital audiences

A consistent theme coming from experts across the industry landscape was how technology will bring digital audiences ever closer to the actual experience, making it more and more important for organisers to think ‘beyond the four walls’ of the event itself.

Forward thinking organisers have been considering Twitter, Instagram and other social media for a while now, knowing that driving online engagement during a live event can help them reach wider audiences and drive interest in attendance in the future. Source: EventBrite

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