It will be much easier to find the perfect DJ for your wedding reception if you have a list of questions prepared before meeting them. Don’t forget to include the following:

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How many weddings do you typically do in a year?

Why You Want to Know: You’re trying to determine how experienced they are—not only how long they’ve been doing weddings, but also how often. Both are important to understanding how well they can handle your dance floor. Ask to speak to some previous couples. Online reviews tell some of the story, but being able to chat directly with couples who used this band or DJ can give you a clearer picture of what they’re like to work with. Source: TheKnot

You’re playing to a mixed crowd. What music do you have?

A good DJ will keep the dance floor busy, but perhaps not with all of the people all of the time. Some guests may not have seen each other for years and just want to sit and chat. So if some people are just sitting down but having fun don’t worry.

A good DJ will be able to read a crowd and blend different musical styles together. It is always a good idea to discuss what music you want to hear. Be aware that a DJ who plays only the latest “banging tunes” might be enjoyed by a younger crowd but it may mean older people leave early. If you’re looking for a DJ who can mix well ask him or her for a demo CD of their own mixes.

You might like to give the DJ some guidelines or a list of 10 or 15 tracks to fit into the evening that have gone down well at previous family weddings. Couples who try and play list the whole night very often handicap the DJ who will be unable to fit in requests from guests or play a few of their own choices that they know will get the dance floor shaking. Source: WeddingIdeasMag

Have you played at this venue before? Can you make a site visit before the wedding day?

Make sure they’re willing to test acoustics, equipment, noise restrictions, dance floor setup, etc. at your venue to optimize the experience. You don’t want to run into any unexpected equipment snafus that render their setup useless. Source: OffBeatBride

If you’re planning on having a DJ play at your wedding, our venue can comfortably accommodate all your guests. Feel free to contact us today!