Getting married in the winter isn’t quite as popular despite the amazing snow-covered landscape that makes for a perfect backdrop. It’s gaining popularity though, because aside from that there are many more reasons to tie the knot this season. Here are a few:

Image Source: Flickr

Save more with seasonal décor

During the winter, you can save a lot on the decorations needed for your wedding. Instead of using tons of expensive fresh flowers, go with seasonal décor such as pine cones, berries, wood pieces, and evergreen branches. This not only looks more suitable for the season, but also saves you big money on decorations.

You also probably have Christmas lights already on hand that you can use as well. Flowers are a huge wedding expense, so being able to only use a few or opt out completely helps keep your wedding significantly on budget. Source: Fidelity

Your hair and make-up will stay longer

Sounds superficial, but guess what? If you have hair that starts to look like Brillo pad at the slightest hint of moisture in the air, you’ll know what we mean. Every other season besides winter has a high chance of humidity. Score. And since we’re on the topic of beauty, you can have a little more with your makeup—deep red lips and flushed cheeks are gorgeous in the winter—without the worry of sweating too much. Source: StyleCaster

You have a greater chance in booking the best vendors

Although June and September weddings are a dream, they are two of the busiest months for weddings — so the chance that all of your top vendor picks will be available on the same date is pretty slim. But since December, January, and February are less popular among brides, they’re your best bet to get who you want — and for less! You’ll find that many vendors are willing to cut you a deal during these cold-weather months. Source: BridalGuide

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