Winter wonderland is a perfect wedding theme but before you continue planning, make sure that you’re prepared for what’s to come. Here are some things you should consider if you’d like to have a winter wedding:

3 Things to Consider Before You Have a Winter WeddingImage Source: Flickr


It’s less likely that your guests will have to decline your invite due to a conflicting wedding on the same weekend—December is less popular than the perennially busy June—but if your winter wedding is during the holidays, finding a date can be harder to pull off. Many travel this time of year and if you have your heart set on, say, a New Year’s Eve wedding, bear in mind that some may find your scheduling choice to be a bit irksome. However, couples might find that friends will likely be traveling home for the holidays anyway, so you will save them the cost of an extra round-trip airfare. Just be sure to send out save the dates well in advance if you’re planning around a major holiday.

Booking a caterer, florist, and other services for your special day may sound like a headache during the holidays, but they may actually be easier to nab than they would be during peak wedding season. The extra bonus? You may even be able to negotiate a discount. Source: Vogue

Make sure your bouquet suits the season

While getting married amid the festive season may mean that the venues are significantly cheaper, it’s important to remember that other aspects of your big day could prove to be pricier. Flowers are likely to be more expensive at this time of year than in the summer – and they could be more fragile too – so consider arranging a seasonal display of champagne-toned roses or opt for a festive red carnations. Alternatively, why not incorporate nature into your wedding by crafting a non-floral wedding bouquet made with gold painted fir cones? Source: BrideMagazine

Get insured

With the chance of torrential weather on your wedding day, be prepared. Be it rain, hail, snow or ice, having wedding insurance will be a safety net in case anything should happen. It will take the pressure off you and allow you to enjoy the moment. Source: Bridebook

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