Thinking about who to invite among all the people you know is a common cause of stress among engaged couples. If sorting through your network is not enough, you may also have to factor in those of your spouse-to-be’s, including both of your parents’ list of friends. Make the process easier by taking note of these extremely useful tips:

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Determine the type of wedding you want and set rules based on it

Before you can focus on your guest list, you must decide what type of wedding you want and what your finances can handle. Will it be a big bash or an intimate elopement? Local or destination? During peak season or off-season? Kids welcome or adults-only? Casual buffet or multi-course seated dinner? Making decisions about these factors first will enable you to establish your budget and determine how many guests you can invite.  Source: HereComesTheGuide

Don’t let anyone pressure you

And, if you’re no longer friendly with certain people from your past, don’t feel obliged to invite them to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs. Also, don’t bow to parental pressure to include people they know, but you don’t. When trying to make tough decisions, ask yourself if the potential guest will be a part of your life in the future. “If someone still means something to you, you probably still mean something to him or her,” says Jill Notkin. “Trust your instincts. That’s how to make sure that you have the people you really want at your wedding.” Source: BridalGuide

Include names on the response cards

Yours wouldn’t be the first wedding where a guest crams two (or three or four) names onto one line, even though the invitation was made out to one person. The way to avoid this problem is to print the guests’ names onto the RSVP card. Do this, and there’s almost no way anyone can force an invite on you.

Tip: If for some reason you still get an extra write-in, it could just be that the guest doesn’t know the protocol. So don’t take their faux pas personally. Instead, politely call and tell them the deal: You’d love to have everyone, but budget and space mean it’s just not possible. Source: TheKnot

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