One of the best ways to measure the success of your event is to see how many people attended. Don’t let your months of planning go to waste. Make sure you meet your target number of event attendees by doing these things:

Event Attendance

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Invite, invite, invite!

One of the keys to achieving great attendance to your event is by inviting people early and following up. This means sending reminders to those who haven’t RSVPed and confirmations to those who have. Sending an event reminder just before the event to confirmed guests isn’t generally a bad idea either.

It’s important to generate excitement around the event. Traditional printed invitations are appropriate, but it becoming the norm to also look to email and even social media depending on your audience. Try this approach:

  1. Mention the event to guests you or your team knows personally before sending invites.
  2. Send a save the date early in the planning process (paper or electronic).
  3. Send a detailed invitation, including agenda highlights (paper or electronic) with an RSVP request.
  4. Forward the detailed invitation again with a personalized note to personal friends or acquaintances (electronic).*
  5. Follow up with confirmed guests one to two days before the scheduled event (electronic or over the phone).

*You may also choose to formally call guests and extend a personal invite to the event. Source: TheBalance

Build your schedule/agenda early and communicate it to your audience

The clearer and more detailed you are about your agenda, the more people will feel they can make an informed decision about attending. Make sure you include this in your communications. Source: Blog.PlanningPod

Encourage speakers to promote your event

If you manage to attract some prominent industry speakers, don’t forget to use it to your advantage – they usually have a strong following, which can help you greatly expand the reach of your event.

Ask your event speakers to promote your event on their social media channels. Their followers are likely your target audience as well. Don’t be shy about asking speakers to do this – it will benefit them also by showing that they’re associated with a great event and by potentially increasing the number of people who attend their presentation. Source: Blog.Bizzabo

Good food and a great venue can motivate people to participate. If you haven’t found the right place, contact us today!