You don’t need to gather the finest ingredients in the world or hire Michelin chefs in order to serve a remarkable menu on your wedding day. Just make sure you avoid the following mistakes as you plan on which food to serve.

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Trying to satisfy every possible dietary restriction

Nowadays, people are allergic to food with gluten, dairy, nuts, certain fruits, and a variety of other things. There is no way brides and grooms can plan their wedding menus to cater to each individual guest’s dietary needs and preferences. In fact, trying to do that will make you a little crazy, and likely blow your budget. Reality check: People with allergies and dietary issues know what they can, and cannot, eat. It’s your wedding. Choose the food that most appeals to you, and offer that to your guests on your big day. Just be sure to offer a vegetarian option because that’s a common preference. Source: Brides

Going too generic with the menu

There’s no need to default to meat-and-potatoes. With the right caterer, it’s possible to tailor a menu to reflect the bride and groom without alienating anyone’s taste buds. It’s all about finding a balance, said Nicole Sheppard, who runs the wedding planning company All Who Wander.

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Picking out-of-season options

While it is of course more economical to choose fruits and vegetables that will be in season at the time of your wedding, it is also the tastier choice. Produce picked outside of peak season frequently is just not as good of quality as fresh fare grown during the optimal time. As much as couples want their big day to be unique, it’s not necessary to subvert expectations for every aspect of the celebration. Source: InsideWeddings

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