The annual holiday party is what most employees are looking forward to before the year ends. Make it worth the wait by doing the following tips:

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Invite guests aside from the employees

Instead of hosting a Christmas party that’s just for staff, widen your guest list to include extended family, friends, neighbors, and business associates.

Mixing up your guest list makes your party more interesting for attendees as they’ll get a chance to meet new people and have less chance of being trapped in endless shop talk. One example of this company Christmas party idea is to hold an open house with a purpose, such as raising and decorating a tree. Source: TheBalance

Learn from past years

…That’s exactly why it’s a good idea to take note of what has and hasn’t worked at your company’s parties of Christmas past. If you weren’t there to enjoy them, find out from someone who was. The good bits will stand out, but you’ll be sure attendees can remember what definitely didn’t work last time around. Learn from past mistakes, like a wise, festive events guru. Source: HireSpace

Don’t forget the entertainment

Music is all important, and whilst you want a few of the Christmas classics, make sure you have some tunes to cater for every taste and get people up and dancing. Perhaps there’s a secret DJ in the company, or you could even introduce a karaoke machine. Source: Metro

Door prizes!

Here is another idea that you can incorporate with any size group. Extra vacation days and gift certificates are always crowd pleasers. As far as awarding prizes, you can either do a straight drawing or add more interaction with a game like guessing how many candy canes are in the jar. Source: TheBalance

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