Make a lasting impression on your guests as you find ways to ensure that they’ll be having as much fun as you do during your wedding. Add the following tips to your to-do list:

Image Source: Flickr

Display towering tiers

With a large guest list, you have the perfect excuse to take a sky’s-the-limit approach to your cake. Talk with your cake baker about creating a multi-tiered masterpiece that steals the show and feeds a crowd. Source: TheKnot

Surprise guests with a dance routine

It doesn’t have to be for your first dance if that sounds too daunting. Why not gather together your bridesmaids and groomsmen for a few dance rehearsals before the big day? Then as the first dance ends and you want the floor to be filled, they can swoop in and join you for a show-stopping routine! Source: WeddingIdeasMag

Welcome bags for out-of-town guests

Your out-of-town guests have come a long way to attend your wedding, and when they collapse in the hotel after a day of travel you can bet they’d be thrilled to find a thoughtful welcome bag full of goodies! Welcome bags don’t have to elaborate — usually just some snacks, a map of the area, and recommendations for sights and restaurants are enough. Source: HuffingtonPost

Fun photos

Wedding photo booths have become a staple at modern wedding receptions. Guests will love to jump in and snap silly photos, which can also serve as great additions to the wedding photo album. From a logistical standpoint, having a photo booth on hand can help to pass time before the wedding party makes their entrance. Source: PerfectWeddingGuide

Incorporate live music

If you can’t afford a full-band, hire a DJ to provide the music for the wedding reception and hire one or two musicians to accompany his pre-selected music. It’ll be a good dance floor surprise for your guests and will definitely get the crowd going. Source: Brides

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