Most people, if not all, consider their pets as family members so it’s really understandable if you want to include them in your wedding.  Is it a good idea to let your fur baby become a part of your special day? Here are some things to consider:

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Pet’s personality

Always take into consideration the type of personality your pet has before giving them a specific role – are they excitable, aggressive or obedient? You may want to make your pet ring bearer, but think about whether your pet will enjoy this or will they find it a traumatic experience? You may assume that your pet will feel comfortable in the crowd but will they feel overwhelmed around 100s of guests?

Even if your pet is well–behaved and used to large crowds, there is no real guarantee that they’ll behave like that on the day. Being stroked, photographed or chased by kids can becoming increasingly stressful for your pet so make sure they can handle it before you involve them. Source: WeddingIdeasMag

Is the location pet friendly?

Once you’ve decided you want your pet to be included in your big day, make sure all the venues you choose to use will allow pets. Ask up front when you make the reservations and make your plans very clear to the staff at each venue. Then you want to make sure that each location is safe for your pet. Walk the venue(s) and make sure there are places for your pet to hang out and have downtime, go to the bathroom, and be able to enjoy himself. Also check around to make sure there are no dangers like toxic plants or other animals. Lastly, consider your guests. Make sure everyone’s comfortable with you having your pet along, because even though it’s your big day, you want all your guests to be comfortable and happy as well. Source: PopSugar

Designate a handler

Your wedding day will be crazy enough without having to be responsible for the actions and well-being of your dog. Find a friend that is already comfortable with pet parenting, and they get bonus points if your dog already knows them.

They’ll be in charge of making sure your dog makes it down the aisle as well as caring for his needs like food, water, and letting him out to the bathroom. Source: WideOpenPets

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